Greenprint Projects

Greenprint for Chennai India

Integrating Natural Infrastructure in City Planning

Photo highlighting Greenprint work in India.
Chennai Greenprint Photo of Chennai greenprint © TNC India

Greenprinting or development by design is a tool that can help to reduce the loss of nature when grey infrastructure is being built and to assure that the functional role of nature as a solution to urban challenges is evaluated on equal footing as traditional grey infrastructure approaches. For example, natural features like tree canopies in cities can serve as a climate adaptation strategy, helping provide shade that cools air temperatures and mitigates the urban heat island effect.

Nature in cities provides recreational, health and aesthetic benefits to urban residents, making our cities healthier and more resilient places to live. Greenprint supports better decision-making by revealing where important functioning natural systems exist and should be protected, by demonstrating where nature-based strategies and others could be implemented and by highlighting nature’s benefits.

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