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A Critical Resource Evaluation for the Lake Michigan Shorelands Alliance


A wolf walking through snow in a forest.
Wisconsin wolf A gray wolf walking through snow in Wisconsin. © Robert A. Kleppin

One of the Lake Michigan Shorelands Alliance's (LMSA), major initiatives is the creation of a comprehensive conservation plan to identify priority areas for protection amid this landscape full of opportunity.  A key element of this endeavor is the production of maps to help reveal critical areas of concern and guide conservation planning.

Year Published: 2010

State: Wisconsin

Landscape Context:  Inland

Housing Density: Suburban, Rural

Funding Type: Both (Public and Private)

Habitat Focus: Forest, Planted/Cultivated, Wetlands

Organizations Involved:

The Trust for Public Land and Gathering Waters


Water Quality, Open Space/Habitat, Recreation, Working Land

Stakeholder Involvement:

Stakeholders were not consulted in the process. By design, only outreach to land trust leaders across the study area was conducted.

Planning Process:

The planning process followed the below steps:

1.  Document review and analysis.
2.  Interviews with local land trust leaders.
3.  Conducting mapping analysis for four goals - translating those goals into maps.
4.  Final report.

Desired Outcomes:

Articulate shared goals and priorities for the land trusts working across the region that can  serve as an update to the analysis completed for Landscapes of Opportunity (by Gathering Waters).

Additional Information and Reports