Greenprint Projects

North Shore Oahu Greenprint


Underwater view of fish swimming past coral reef.
Hawai‘i reef Sunlight highlights the reef at Molokini. © Pauline Fiene

In 2011, development pressure along this pristine coastline prompted North Shore Community Land Trust to partner with TPL to guide voluntary land conservation in the region. The comprehensive greenprint project included direct opinions from 300 community members on the types of open space that they valued most highly for conservation. Since the publication of the Greenprint, this partnership has continued to successfully protect some of the high priority parcels that the Greenprint identified.

Year Published:  2011

State:  Hawaii

Landscape Context:  Coastal

Housing Density:  Rural

Funding Type:  Both (Public and Private)

Organizations Involved:

The Trust for Public Land and The North Shore Community Land Trust (NSCLT)


Water Supply, Water Quality, Open Space/Habitat, Recreation, Viewshed, Working Land, Historic/Cultural Sites

Stakeholder Involvement:

Stakeholders were informed and engaged through interactive meetings; and over 300 residents were consulted with in decided the core values of the Greenprint through a public tabling proces, referred to as "Speak-outs."

Planning Process:

A Steering Committee directed the project, and recorded and utilized input from citizens. A Technical Advisory Team gathered pertinent and reliable data from various sources. TPL then created asset maps based on this data using GIS analysis, which were subsequently weighted based on community preference identified during the process.  Stakeholders were integrated through community meetings and many were also interviewed by the project conveners.

Desired Outcomes:

Taken from community members, the central goals included preserving agricultural land and promoting food security, enhancing recreational opportunities, preserving the region's cultural heritage, preserving the beauty of scenic landscapes and viewsheds, protecting habitat for endangered wildlife, enhancing water quality, and protecting the undeveloped coastline. NSCLT aims to achieve these goals through land acquisition and conservation, as well as promoting a culture of voluntary land conservation within the community.

What It Accomplished:

In 2014, TPL and NSCLT secured a conservation easement for high priority recreation and agricultural land near Kawela Bay on the North Shore. NSCLT cites over 6,300 acres of land along the North Shore (both agricultural and preserved) that have been (or are in the process of being) voluntarily conserved.