Greenprint Projects

Santa Barbara Conservation Blueprint


Rolling fields framed by a grove of trees with the Pacific Ocean in the distance.
Santa Barbara Conservation TNC’s Dangermond Preserve in California. Oaks along the last stand of trees before bunkers, looking west toward the Pacific Ocean. © Bill Marr/The Nature Conservancy

Why a Blueprint?

Santa Barbara County is a special place with unmatched scenery, a remarkable diversity of plants and animals, and productive ranching and agricultural lands – all of which contribute to our economy and quality of life. County residents and landowners have been good stewards of these resources with a long history of effective land management, and conservation. Yet with increasing population pressure on scarce natural resources, along with the new realities of climate change, it is critical that we develop the tools we need to better understand our landscape. We must also begin to think together about how we can address the pressures we face to create a more resilient and adaptable future for us all.

The Blueprint is a first step toward understanding our current condition and creating a landscape of opportunity for generations to come.