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Climate Smart Cities: Los Angeles


Skyline of Los Angeles against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.
Los Angeles skyline Downtown Los Angeles skyline with snowcapped mountains at sunset. © TNC

Below are a few of the City’s Green New Deal pLAn goals we hope can be supported through the Decision Support Tool:

  • Reduce urban/rural temperature difference by 1.7°F by 2025, and 3.0°F by 2035;
  • Increase tree canopy in areas of greatest need by at least 50% by 2028;
  • Increase the percentage of all trips made by walking, biking, micro-mobility / matched rides or transit to at least 35% by 2025; 50% by 2035; and maintain at least 50% by 2050;
  • Source 70% of L.A.’s water locally and capture 150,000 acre ft/yr (AFY) of stormwater by 2035;
  • Build at least 10 new multi-benefit stormwater capture projects by 2025; 100 by 2035; and 200 by 2050;
  • Ensure 65% of Angelenos live within ½ mile of a park or open space by 2025; 75% by 2035; and 100% by 2050.

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