Greenprint Projects

Greener Gulfton (Houston neighborhood)


A young woman holding and reading an iPad.
Texas Greener Gulfton Waller Creek Cadets in Austin, Texas. © R.J. HInkle

In August of 2020, a heat mapping campaign identified Gulfton as the hottest neighborhood in Houston. The effort, co-led by The Nature Conservancy and the Houston Advanced Research Center, indicated that the southwest Houston neighborhood was 17 degrees warmer than the coolest neighborhood measured.

A community-driven plan, “Greener Gulfton,” seeks to decrease the sweltering temperature, while adding an array of benefits to the immigrant-rich area that 45,000 residents call home.  

Greener Gulfton effort plants seeds for alleviating neighborhood's nature inequity with biodiversity, city parks, reduced urban heat islands and greater climate resilience.