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Western Nevada Greenprint


Boulder and rock formations surrounding a lake in an arid setting.
Nevada Greenprint Pyramid Lake in northern Nevada, United States. © Alan D. St. John

TCF summarizes their role in assisting the Nevada Land Trust by streamlining and organizing the group's conservation efforts in western Nevada. Primarily, NLT aims to protect dwindling greater sage grouse habitat, but focuses its conservation efforts on other native species, among them the pronghorn antelope. A published report is not publicly available; however, the project resulted in the development of new planning tools for NLT, a strategic Conservation Plan, and resource maps of the region.

Year Published:  2011

State:  Nevada

Landscape Context:  Inland

Housing Density:  Rural

Funding Type:  Private

Habitat Focus:  Forest

Organizations Involved:

The Conservation Fund, Nevada Land Trust (NLT)


Open Space/Habitat, Biodiversity

Stakeholder Involvement:

Stakeholders were not involved.

Planning Process:

The region's resources were inventoryed, data that was later developed into resource maps.

Desired Outcomes:

Consolidate federal land holdings and create a long term conservation plan. Protect habitat for famous native species, specifically greater sage grouse, mule deer, and pronghorn antelope.

What It Accomplished:

NLT has since partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to acquire 1,500 acres of critical native species. NLT plays a lead role in catalyzing greater sage grouse conservation in the region.

Additional Information and Reports